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To remain competitive in today’s ever-changing and highly demanding eCommerce environment, competitive, fast and reliable order fulfilment is essential. How you manage your goods, in both storage and distribution, has a direct impact on the efficiency of your business and the happiness of your customers.

In recent years, third-party logistics has become increasingly popular as many businesses wish to grow but are unable to invest in developing internal logistics and order fulfilment processes, a dedicated warehouse storage facility, and the hiring of in-house staff.

Warehousing and Logistics Australia is proud to be one of Perth’s leading third-party logistics service providers. From the prompt transport of your goods to our secure warehouse storage facility right through to the pick, pack and dispatch of your orders, Warehousing and Logistics Australia has you covered.

Our on-demand taxi truck transport fleet and highly skilled and qualified drivers are always ready for any job and will ensure that your deliveries, whether they are situated within the Perth metropolitan area, regional WA or interstate, will get to where they need to be, quickly and safely.


Our dedicated fleet of taxi trucks and professional truck drivers are always available to deliver eCommerce orders throughout the Perth metropolitan area. For orders placed in regional WA or interstate, our buying power means that you will always get the best possible courier rates and transit times.

Our modern fleet of specialised vehicles provides us with the flexibility to meet all of your requirements – from container transport right through to the delivery of small parcels. Whether it’s around the corner or across Australia, we can transport your goods promptly and with our advanced tracking systems, we can give you and your customers accurate delivery schedules.

With our expansive fleet of taxi trucks and high-quality logistics services, Warehousing and Logistics Australia can help improve your order fulfilment efficiency by providing you with quick and safe eCommerce order delivery.


All of your goods will transported from the wharf and safely stored in our warehouse facility located centrally in Welshpool, WA. Our warehouse has been carefully designed to ensure that your goods can be identified quickly and easily for immediate packing and dispatch.

After an order has been placed, our team picks the items you need and packs them securely for delivery. Our high-tech systems ensure that all of our processes are as efficient as possible so that we can deliver your goods quickly and without a hitch.

Our fleet of taxi trucks are always ready to deliver local orders throughout the Perth metro area. All orders placed for Perth metropolitan delivery will arrive at their destination within 24 hours.

We also work closely with courier partners to provide fast and efficient regional WA and interstate delivery. With our current IT platform, all delivery movements are tracked and upon delivery, an automatic POD is logged for your reference.



3PL services by nature are streamlined to increase efficiency. With Warehousing and Logistics Australia, all of your requirements can be handled under one system, saving you time and money. By allowing us to handle what we do best, you can focus on the important things that will help your business grow.


At Warehousing and Logistics Australia, we take a personalised approach to order fulfilment and deliver customised solutions to suit the unique requirements of our individual clients. We operate with the mentality that we are an internal part of your business and will take care of whatever is required – whether that’s reverse logistics, stock reworks, storage of point of sale material and order entries.


We aim to provide you with peace of mind by updating you along the way as to the whereabouts of your customer orders and the expected delivery timeline. Our vehicles are installed with live vehicle tracking systems to provide you with accurate delivery schedules from the moment the truck leaves to the POD.


We understand how important time-dependent deliveries can be for a business’ profitability and customer relations. At Warehousing and Logistics Australia, we have a guaranteed rapid turn-around – all orders are picked and packed within minutes of order placement. All orders placed for Perth metropolitan delivery will be delivered within 24 hours of their placement.


Each of our taxi truckers are piloted by qualified drivers with an HR class heavy vehicle license. At Warehousing and Logistics Australia, you can rest easy knowing that your goods will be kept safe and secure throughout transit.


Our flexible and fully configurable systems allow you to make adjustments at any part of the supply chain, therefore maximising the way your business operates. At Warehousing and Logistics Australia, we give our clients a completely tailored, customisable service that can be adapted according to any changes that crop up in your business’ requirements.


We have a wide range of taxi trucks available for goods of all sizes, shapes and weights. With our dedicated fleet of vehicles including tautliners, flatbed semi-trailers, vans, utes, tail lift trucks and everything in between, we can offer the perfect solution to your needs, every time.


Our IT solutions can provide comprehensive auditing, reporting and accounting tools so that your business always knows the exact level of efficiency that your 3PL provide brings you. With 24-hour online access and clear reporting standards, all of our clients receive a constant flow of communication in regards to the activity of their goods – both within the warehouse and on the road.


Outsourcing to a 3PL service provider makes it possible for business owners to scale their operations as they are able to focus more time on their customers and market share growth. Save your company time and money with an integrated 3PL solution designed to suit your business’ specific needs and requirements.


Warehousing and Logistics Australia have been providing end-to-end 3PL solutions since 1998. Choosing us as your Perth taxi truck provider provides you with full security, online vehicle tracking, and most importantly, dedicated partnerships with optimal, personalised logistics solutions to your individual needs.

If you need a high-quality, affordable and efficient logistics solution, don’t look further than Warehousing and Logistics Australia. Whether you’re a small importing business or a large multinational enterprise, get in touch with a member of our dedicated team today by sending an enquiry, calling (08) 7228 0500 or emailing to find out how we can add value to your business.


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Our number one priority is the safety and security of your products. Whether you need to store a full shipping container load, individual parcels, or delicate, fragile stock, our modern warehousing facility is suitable for goods of all shapes and sizes. Once it’s time to dispatch, all stock is easily accessible and your order will be packed and ready to send out within minutes.


With our advanced inventory management software, we can offer a tailor-made service to suit your requirements in picking and packing your orders for full customer satisfaction. Our system guarantees orders are picked and packed with accuracy, each step from order placement through to delivery trackable.


We are proud to offer a full transport fleet of specialised taxi trucks to work hand-in-hand with our warehousing and dispatch services. It doesn’t matter whether the delivery location is around the corner or across Australia, we can transport your goods quickly, safely, and efficiently. Our inventory management system allows us to track all goods and present both you and your customers with accurate delivery timelines.


When your stock arrives in shipping containers at the docks, Warehousing and Logistics Australia can collect and transport your goods from the wharf to our warehouse to unpack. Once all your goods have been stored, we will return your empty shipping container, saving you the hassle of having to organise transport.